Unlimited energy from soil

Soiltron technology features

What makes us unique

Continuous generation

Our technology is capable of generating continuous power by just planting any of our devices in the soil.

green technology

We produce renewable electricity from soil without interfering with the environment. We preserve it.

High durability

We bring to the market a durable long lasting technology designed to be used under any weather conditions.

weather independent

Independent of weather and location, our technology will continue to produce electricity wherever there is soil.

About Soiltron

Dedicated to Environment Sustainability
An Eco-friendly Alternative to Power Consumer Products

Our Story

Our company is dedicated in the design and development of green products and technologies that will address the need for a sustainable environment.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to power the cities of tomorrow with low cost green electricity from soil, focusing on innovative solutions to enhance the life of people and sustain our planet.

our technology

SoilTron’s revolutionary technology is capable of producing unlimited electricity from soil, which can be integrated with numerous applications.


The total current outdoor lighting market is worth more than US$10 billion annually which accounts to more than US$100 billion in electricity consumption.

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